The Human Voice + pre-recorded Q&A

THE HUMAN VOICE is a new short film directed by Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar and starring Tilda Swinton. It will be accompanied by a pre-recorded Q&A with Almodóvar and Swinton hosted by film critic Mark Kermode. It was shot over nine days in Madrid in July and recently premiered to critical acclaim at the Venice Film Festival. It is Almodóvar’s first work in the English language. Madness and melancholy intersect to thrilling effect as Almodóvar reimagines Jean Cocteau’s short play ‘The Human Voice’ for an era in which isolation has become a way of life. The critically-acclaimed 30 minute film will be followed by a 45 minute entertaining recorded Q&A. Hosted by Mark Kermode, Pedro and Tilda discuss the inspirations they drew on for the film, how The Human Voice fits within the ‘Almodóvar oeuvre’, and what Pedro will be making next - including a great surprise for Tilda. Recorded under lockdown conditions, the discussion features visual references and clips to create a dynamic and interesting companion piece to the short film.

Tilda Swinton
Pedro Almodóvar
76 Minutes
Shorts Programme

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